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Essay writer is the one who writes the short piece of writing and gives his or her own judgment in that paper on the specific topic. A good essay writer is highly skilled and talented. There is no scope for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and poor vocabulary in his or her paper. They desire to meet the high standards of academic writing. With strong writing skills, they also have good command over the English language. Writers have a complete understanding of structure; they know that a sentence should neither be too long nor too short. Writing is good but listening is necessary. Verse writers listen to their readers, their feedback. They know what they desire. However, in order to fulfill reader’s desire writer cannot cheat with him/her self. One of the most important traits is integrity. After all, this paper is a platform via which writers can raise their voice, let people know what they actually think or believe. They cannot mold their thoughts due to readers. Another one of the important points is plagiarism. The paper should be 100% plagiarism free. It is a crime against the actual writer of that paper or information. A great essay writer never forgets to meet the deadline. Whether it is a persuasive essay or narrative essay, paper writing is challenging. Grammatical mistakes, poor vocabulary, spelling errors are not at all welcome. To score good grades students need to cite correct sources, write an appropriate thesis statement, and elaborate their ideas. They give it a hard time. Difficult time starts at the beginning of the essay when students jump into writing without pre-planning. They do not brainstorm or try to find the purpose of the question and then find themselves stuck in the middle of the paper. Also, few of them have insecurities with respect to their writing abilities.
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