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The dissertation is written by the students pursuing post-graduation courses. The word dissertation arrives from the word ‚Äúdessertare” which means to debate or to forth an argument. The dissertation is written in the final year as a final year project. A dissertation can be on scientific research, technology development or on some social issue. The main objective of writing a dissertation is to develop the capability in the students to take responsibility for their own studies. Writing dissertation involves high-level of research and critical thinking. More contentious a dissertation, more a writer will be a part of debates and discussion held at many platforms across the world. Sometimes dissertation is confused with thesis; it refers to long research articles or draft written to achieve post- graduate degree whereas thesis is written to achieve the undergraduate degree. The dissertation helps the student to explore the subject in depth, answer the unanswered questions and theories, create their own questions and take new assumptions, learn how to manage time and improvise on the skills like the linguistic expression and intellectual thinking. The dissertation has sub-sections like- Introduction, an abstract, Table of Content, List of figures, Literature review, the methodology applied, results, conclusions, references, and appendices. It plays an important role in the future career of the pupil. The most challenging part of writing the dissertation is selecting the appropriate topic because an inappropriate subject may result in rejection of your research and everything will go in vain. Lack of content may result in short piece of writing which may not be acceptable to the university. Research papers or literary artefacts were taken as the reference may not have content which is up to the mark and this may result in drafting the wrong dissertation. Incorrect linguistic expression, grammatical errors and wrong use of punctuation marks are the common mistakes made by the pupil. Fear of failure and lack of time-management is also-also the major challenge that pupil come across.
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