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Essay writing refers to writing about a particular topic in few pages. It is a piece of formal writing and a platform to discuss a specific issue or topic. Essays are divided into four parts i.e.

  1. Narrative essay: – As the name suggest, writer narrates a story under this type of essay. He or she writes about the real life experience. While it sounds easy to do but it is a challenging task as one needs to think deep and write about him/her self.
  2. Descriptive Essay: – It is better known as the cousin of the narrative essay. Writing a descriptive essay is like painting a picture with words. Writers describe a person, object, situation, place, etc.
  3. Expository essay: – In such an essay a writer defines the topic using facts and figures. He or she uses illustrations, statistics, examples and illustrations. It includes variety of essays such as contrast and comparison essay, cause and effect essays.
  4. Persuasive essay: – As the name goes, writers tries to influence or convince the readers by using facts and logic. A writer provides all sides of an argument. A picture is shown from all the angles.

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